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Alex’s cock was throbbing wildly in my throat. A swarm of muscular, large demons appeared out of nowhere and grabbed us Latina. It appeared she was enjoying her rape as much as I was. Full story. With the room already steamy from the shower I undressed while listening to the hiss of the water droplets hitting the cool marble of the floor, and now with my feet pressed against the refreshing stone goose bumps rose in appreciation. He looked at me “Yeah it’s still the same I couldn’t redecorate not after… it’s good to see you smile, id hopped to see one all evening all year even” he trailed off again letting the conversation slip away “I think you know why I’m here
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As the night dragged on we moved from bar to bar I drank more heavily trying to forget the still all too clear images from my head, a hand stopped me on one drink and the eyes looked at me with an intensity that reminded me too much of him, I leaned up against him and drew him down to my mouth, he didn’t resist my sloppy kiss in fact he deepened it in the crowed night club.
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They shared their first totally nude embrace, their mouths locked together in a hungry kiss, their bare young bodies straining together for the connection they both craved, they both needed. Her sleek brown body rolled towards him

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. His hands grabbed on to her saucy little butt
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